Helmet Maintenance – A Guide To EGIDE Helmet Care

EGIDE helmets are renowned for their exceptional resistance and durability. However, ensuring their longevity depends on proper care and maintenance. We are going to go over helmet maintenance and how to maximize EGIDE helmet’s lifespan.

Helmet Storage and Regular Use

Protective Bag and Storage Box

All EGIDE helmets come with a protective bag as well as a storage box. In order to prevent damage, we recommend keeping the helmet in its protective bag and storage box when not in use. These protective efforts help keep away direct sunlight and heat exposure which can negatively impact the helmet’s functionality. Additionally, your helmet should not be kept in temperatures below -20 degrees Celsius or above +50 degrees Celsius.

Regular Helmet Maintenance Checks

Before and after each use, inspect both the internal and external conditions of the helmet and chinstrap. Keep an eye out for signs of wear, cracks, or loose components.

Avoid Corrosive Substances

Keep your helmet away from corrosive or aggressive substances, as they can compromise the helmet’s quality. Solvents should not be used on the helmet, as they can alter its features.

Careful Use

Proper usage and handling of the helmet contribute to its longevity. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and avoid subjecting the helmet to unnecessary impacts or force.

Caring for the Leather Atlas Helmets

Natural Leather Characteristics

EGIDE Atlas Helmets are crafted with real full-grain leather. Over time, the leather may develop a patina and acquire unique surface finishes, such as shades of color, vein lines, or scars. These characteristics distinguish it from over-treated and imitation leather.

Sun and Moisture Protection

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or moonlight. When the helmet is not in use, store it in the protective bag and storage box. Maintain a moderate humidity level and room temperature in the storage area.

Rainwater and Drying

After riding in the rain, use a soft cloth to wipe off any water from the helmet’s surface. Allow it to dry naturally, away from direct heat sources like radiators.

Suitable Cleaning Products For Helmet Maintenance

Only use products specifically designed for natural leather. Avoid harsh solvents, as they can damage the leather and compromise its quality.

Inner Lining Helmet Maintenance

Washing Instructions

EGIDE Helmets all have an inner lining that requires periodic cleaning. It is recommended to wash it by hand and using mild soap or in a washing machine on a cold cycle.

Removal and Installation

To remove the inner lining, firmly pull it towards you.

Helmet lining removal step 1
Lining Removal Step 1
helmet lining removal step 2
Lining Removal Step 2

When reinstalling, locate the four helmet clips and align them with the corresponding notches on the edge of the inner lining. Press the inner lining down to ensure it covers the entire helmet.

Helmet lining installation step 1
Lining Installation Step 1
Helmet lining installation step 2
Lining Installation Step 2
Helmet lining installation step 3
Lining Installation Step 3

By following these guidelines for storage, use, and helmet maintenance, you can ensure the longevity of your EGIDE helmet. Proper storage, avoiding exposure to unsuitable conditions, and regular inspection will help preserve its resistance and high quality. Additionally, caring for the leather Atlas helmets with appropriate cleaning methods and protecting them from sunlight and moisture will maintain their natural beauty. Lastly, periodic washing and correct installation of the inner lining will contribute to a comfortable and well-maintained helmet. Remember, responsible care and usage are key to getting the most out of your EGIDE helmet while prioritizing safety and durability.

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