Egide – The Mega Helmet. The Ultimate Helmet

For skiing, cycling, and riding – Egide Helmets combine superlative and usually
contradictory qualities: brilliantly designed, extremely lightweight, incredibly
comfortable, highly protective, and resilient.

Before Egide, athletes had to compromise. Now they can have it all, and all they need
to choose is their model and preferred color


Exceptional Materials

Traditional Linen or Leather High-Tech Kevlar or Carbon
The Choice Is Yours
Treated full-grain leather that is resistant to everything while obtaining a vintage aesthetic.
Natural linen fibers coated in resin, resulting in a completely innovative design.
Highly protective material used in bullet-proof vests, offering an extremely contemporary design.
A futuristic, light and ultra-resistant fiber, for an ultra-technological design

Made in France

Egide Helmets are designed in Paris, then manufactured in Nantes and Cholet for quality and safety reasons.
Our Craftsmen work solely with luxury and leather goods, taking great pride in their skills and in a job well done.
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